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Researchers discovered that


Christmas trees and joyous food may cause fevers and sensitivity responses in lots of people. They called it the Christmas Tree Problem in truth, a number of Christmas treats can cause critical health problems.

American allergy consultant Dr. Lawrence Kurlandsky described for the very first time an increase of respiratory problems around Christmastime. According to a study by researchers from Upstate Medical College, New York, there are many than fifty different types of mould found in bark and wood needles from Christmas trees in homes. The outcomes from the research showed that throughout the a dozen days that most people keep their Christmas woods, the average amount of spores had increased from 800 per cubic metres to 5,000!

An average of, 50 pollen per cubic metres will do to cause a response in persons experiencing hay fever. So, the results from the research are very worrying – the spores and moulds in woods may set down a range of respiratory illnesses, such as for example asthma which can be very common. According to data from the CDC, how many people who currently have asthma in the US is 18.7 million, or 8.2% of the population. Children’s statistics are a lot more regarding – about 7.1 million National kiddies have problems with asthma, or 9.5% of most children. In general, the information shows that asthma keeps growing annually in the US.

On another hand, just in the United States more than 11 million Christmas woods can be bought in the joyful year every year. If someone features a respiratory issue the Christmas tree may induce several problems, it is much like a summer hay fever, but only in December. Lots of people don’t also know they are influenced; as an alternative, they confuse it with a winter’s cool or flu. Different hazards at Christmas may be the different types of nuts and fruits that individuals usually put on their tables. They, but, can be easily recognized and avoided.

Based on Teacher Jonathan Brostoff, an sensitivity specialist at King’s College, London, the sole treatment for the problem is to get a plastic pine, even if it’s a wander from the tradition. Still another way you are able to avoid the consequences is to wash the Christmas tree before you see it inside. You can also get rid of it when possible, on Boxing Time, for example.