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Christmas trees and fun food may cause fevers and allergy reactions in many people. They called it the Christmas Pine Syndrome but in reality, a variety of Christmas snacks could cause critical health problems.

American sensitivity expert Dr. Lawrence Kurlandsky noted for the first time a rise of respiratory problems around Christmastime. According to a examine by researchers from Upstate Medical School, New York, there are more than fifty different kinds of mould present in bark and maple needles from Christmas trees in homes. The outcome from the analysis showed that through the twelve times that a lot of persons keep their Christmas woods, the average level of spores had improved from 800 per cubic metres to 5,000!

On average, 50 pollen per cubic metres is sufficient to cause a reaction in persons struggling with hay fever. Therefore, the results from the research are very worrying – the spores and moulds in trees can set down a selection of respiratory diseases, such as for example asthma which will be really common. According to data from the CDC, how many adults who now have asthma in the US is 18.7 million, or 8.2% of the population. Children’s data are much more regarding – about 7.1 million National kiddies suffer with asthma, or 9.5% of all children. All together, the data implies that asthma is growing each year in the US.

On the other hand, only in the United Claims more than 11 million Christmas woods are sold in the fun time every year. When someone features a respiratory problem the Christmas tree can trigger a number of issues, it is much like a summer hay fever, but just in December. Lots of people do not also know they’re affected; alternatively, they confuse it with a winter’s cold or flu. Other hazards at Christmas can be the different kinds of nuts and berries that folks usually set on the tables. They, but, may be easily recognized and avoided.

In accordance with Professor Jonathan Brostoff, an allergy specialist at King’s College, London, the only real means to fix the thing is to purchase a plastic tree, actually when it is a stray from the tradition. Another way you are able to avoid the effects is to scrub the Christmas tree before you see it inside. You can even remove it as soon as possible, on Boxing Day, for example.